Spin Sisters is proud to be associated with the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance (CMBA), and the GBCTA (Greater Bragg Creek. These are local volunteer-based groups working to promote sustainable trails in Calgary and the surrounding area.

Trail maintenance days are usually sponsored with local bike clubs to keep our existing trails in prime riding condition, and in cooperation with appropriate land management authorities, creates new trails to the best practices of modern sustainable trail design.

Spin Sisters have put in hundreds of accumulated hours of loving attention into singletrack trails in some of our favourite riding areas including Fish Creek & Bowmont Parks in Calgary, as well as in Bragg Creek area including Ridgeback and S.H.A.F.T. trails out at Station Flats / Ing's Mine in K-Country.

Questions or Event Ideas?

Email community@spinsisters.ca 

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer for one of our trail days. Learn how to use a Pulaski (double-headed fire axe) and a MacLeod (tamping and raking tool). Learn how trails are made, and enjoy a celebration BBQ afterward! Come out and help build the trails we ride!


Bridge Building - Wednesday 19th July

The GBCTA are looking for volunteers to help build a bridge that will become part of the Trans Canada Trail. Click here for sign up link and details

Trail Building - SATURDAY JULY 22nd 

The GBCTA are looking for volunteers to construct/maintain West Bragg Creek Trails.  This is a great way to meet other trail users and give back to the trails we all use. The day will begin at 9:00 am with a safety talk followed by prompt departure for the worksite(s) within a short hike or bike ride from the parking lot.  We will adjust the hiking/biking ratio as needs arise. Click here for sign-up and details

Hope to see you out to one of these great events!!!

CMBA Mission and Vision

The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance (CMBA) is a volunteer organization that develops and maintains natural surface trail networks in the greater Calgary area. These trail systems are recreational areas for the benefit of all trail user groups. Through engagement with local and provincial governments, volunteer community groups and other stakeholders, CMBA is able to maintain trail systems as community assets.

The CMBA is all about riding bikes, building trail and building community – in short, having a good time.

For more information visit their website: http://www.cmbalink.com

CMBA Volunteers: 

  • Actively build and maintain trails, working to improve the user experience while mitigating environmental impact as much as possible.

  • Throughout the year, provide education to the public and other stakeholders regarding the proper design and construction of natural surface trails, while encouraging conservation and appreciation of the environment.

  • Develop maps, update trail data, and design and plan future trail-building activities.

  • The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance maintains a website, Facebook and Twitter profiles describing its activities and area trails, It also with our communication with its members via an email newsletters.

  • Promote mountain biking as a healthy physical recreational activity

The Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance is committed to these values and operating principles, with the collective good of the trail user community as the main objective of our activities.

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