A person attending a Spin Sisters ride is considered a “rider”. These are the following responsibilities of a rider:

  1. Sign up for rides on Team Snap up until 3 pm on the day of the ride
  2. Cancel appropriately via Team Snap if you cannot attend
  3. Attend at least three rides (or events) during the season
  4. Show up for the ride 10-15 minutes early to prepare your bike and introduce yourself to the ride leader.
  5. Be prepared for rides. Make sure to bring: 
  • Bike
  • Helmet (No Helmet, No Ride)
  • Spin Sisters Membership Card (No Card, No Ride)
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Tires properly inflated
  • Repair kit (tools, extra tube, trail pump)
  • Appropriate weather gear
  • First aid kit (optional)
  1. Be aware you are in bear country! Talk loud and often and DO NOT approach wildlife.
  2. Stay on the trail and keep all garbage with you.
  3. Keep a safe riding distance from other riders (no closer than two bike-length distances from the rider in front of you, unless both of you are having a conversation, etc.).
  4. Keep tabs on the rider behind you.
  5. Make any concerns or issues known to the rider leader (with regards to injuries, abilities, time constraints, etc.).
  6. Listen to the ride leader (which direction to go, splitting the group, keeping the group together, etc.).
  7. Leave your pets at home.
  8. Most importantly, have fun!!
  9. Optional: provide feedback after ever ride (ride highlights, photos, etc.) on the “Rider Experience” forum or on Facebook. Let others know how much fun you’re having!

Bike Maintenance

The club offers maintenance clinics to its members with the expectation that all members know how to fix common problems encountered with bikes on the trail. If you don’t currently have these skills, please register for one of the clinics - they are fantastic!! This year we are again partnering with our sponsors Ridley's Cycle and Calgary Cycle and their bike mechanics will be showing paticipants the tricks, tools and best ways to practice bike maintenance and repairs.

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