Spin Sisters Ride Program

The Ride Program’s objectives are to provide weekly rides for women mountain bikers of three levels: Scooters, Cruisers and Rockets (defined below) in and around the Calgary area including Kananaskis Country, Canmore, and the Rocky Mountain Parks. 

Rides begin the last week of April and go until the end of October. Ride locations, start times, and duration's consider the amount of daylight for the time of year.

The rides are divided as such:

• Mondays are dedicated to Scooters 

• Tuesdays are dedicated to Cruisers and Rockets

• Wednesdays and Saturdays are open for all levels

• Thursdays (rockets only).

The all-level Club Rides will divide into their respective levels at the trailhead.

Ride Calendar

This will be our third year using Teamsnap as our ride calendar tool! This handy app will streamline the rides and events registration process and make it even easier to sign up and get out to the trails! Can't make the ride? No problem, the cancellation option will let the host and the rest of the group know not to wait at the trailhead. Bad Calgary weather? No worries, you will receive a notification right to your phone cancelling the ride.

Don't forget to download the TeamSnap Mobile App and then stay tuned for your invitation to join Teamsnap. 

  Click here to view the 2017 Ride Calendar on TeamSnap!  

Ride Categories

There are three ride categories: Scooters, Cruisers and Rockets, based on both technical riding ability and fitness level. These criteria should be equally considered when you placing yourself in a riding category. The goal is to ensure that you have fun and be safe while still being able to challenge yourself. We do encourage you to move up to the next level if you think you might be ready.

All members must read the Rider Responsibilities before attending club rides in order to understand rules and expectations. 

The following descriptions will help you decide which group to ride with:

Scooters (Novice Riders)

The Scooters are beginner riders, who ride infrequently, or have lower physical fitness levels. The focus of Scooter group rides is to get out on singletrack and build basic riding skills. 

Trails will be of low to moderate technical difficulty and the group will stop often to allow riders rest time or to work on technical skills. 

It is highly recommended for Scooters to participate in the club’s Skills Clinic.


(Intermediate Riders)

Cruisers are intermediate riders who ride at a moderate pace. Cruisers have some level of physical fitness along with basic climbing and descending technical abilities. 

These rides may be on more challenging terrain both technically and physically; Cruisers are expected to know their own personal limits. Cruisers have the ability to ride at a more continuous pace.


(Advanced Riders)

Rockets are advanced riders who focus on riding technical terrain with minimal stopping (other than to keep together). Group members will be required to have a high level of physical fitness and strong technical ability. 

Rockets would feel comfortable riding any trail shown on the ride calendar.

Ride Hosts 

A Ride Host:

  • is someone who ensures the group rides the intended trail and stays together (even in the event of an injury or mechanical)
  • is familiar with the trail or has a trail map
  • asks for membership cards at beginning of rides and takes frequent head counts throughout the ride
  • MAY provide riding advice, but is not required to
  • carries a first aid kit, whistle, and cell phone for emergency use
  • promotes fun!

A Ride Host Does NOT Need To Be:

  • an expert rider
  • the fastest rider in the group
  • an Emergency Medical Technician.

Ready to host a ride?  

When you sign up for a ride on Team Snap, just add an availability note that says you'll be a ride host that day! It's that easy! 

Why should you host a ride?

Hosting rides is a great way to give back to Spin Sisters! It is an easy way to get to know other people in the club and help other people to have a good ride. You can also win some great prizes throughout the season! 

Trailhead Parking Maps:

Parking lot locations for each of the Calgary rides can be found here: Parking Locations

Trailhead parking locations are embedded in each ride event on TeamSnap! 

Carpool Parking Map 

We encourage carpooling to the out of town rides. Meet other members at our designated carpool location here: Carpool Spot and drive out together!

Questions? Email rides@spinsisters.ca

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